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Short and to The Point!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Being Eboni By Eboni Nance

Transparent moment! Not many will admit that they have lazy moments or days. But I do! ⁣ Most of my lazy days come from fear or being impatient and these things typically arise from worrying. Worrying about what my future would look like, because when you are working hard towards goals, dreams, or change it brings a lot of pressure. It always seems like the closer you get, the further you are. Or intimidation and self doubt starts to become a nuisance.⁣ I simply had to remind myself that none of this is an excuse or justification for being lazy! If I don’t get off my butt, stop worrying, feeling sorry for myself, and doubting who the hell I am, I’m going to remain unsuccessful and unproductive! ⁣ Being lazy and successful don’t go together! Can’t work together and won’t exist together! I don’t care how you try to spin it! ⁣ Get up and make it happen. Note to self and anybody else that needed this push!❤️⁣ Sometimes we need these reminders to be straight, short, and to the point! When you are an over thinker it sometimes makes life much more complicated than it should be. If you enjoyed this article please leave a comment below and share on your social media platforms! Also don't forget to subscribe and stay in the loop.

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