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Our Programs

 A Better Me Program is for young girls ages 11-21.  Our organization is a ten month session. The sessions are held every Third Saturday from the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The staff of ABMO and volunteers mentor young ladies through group style and one on one mentoring to help them develop into the successful women they are destined to be.

Leadership Development

A Better Me Leadership Program will expose girls to a wide variety of professions throughout its mentorship program. 

  1. Career exploration

  2. Opportunities to hear from or meet inspiring female leaders in a wide range of fields

  3. Resources and support for finding internships and volunteer or shadowing opportunities


A Better Me Leadership program will concentrate on skill advancement. The lack of confidence seems to be one of the strongest factors discouraging young ladies from seeking leadership, and skill development will increase young ladies' self-esteem. A Better Me leadership program will focus on precise barriers that hinder ladies from seeking leadership, including matters of public speaking, conflict resolution, effective or assertive communication, and networking .

 Community Involvement

A Better Me believes in building relationships through the process of working collaboratively with collections of individuals align with A Better Me geographic location, particular engagement, or related situations on strengthening young ladies' successes through community connections bringing environmental and behavioral changes that will improve the health of the neighborhood and its members. By progressively introducing community collaborations, seasonal celebrations, and fundraisers, where A Better Me Organization is prepared to invest its time to assist anywhere possible in its surrounding community. 

Creative Activities

 A Better Me believes that creative activities lead to the formation of building a sisterhood bond among peers from all walks of life. Whether completed in an informal or formal environment, these exercises can grant opportunities for mentees to learn more about each other's personal interests, practice problem-solving skills, and hone communication skills. 


A Better Me mentorship program serves as an outline to help build the mentor and mentee relationship and make clear the responsibilities and expectations for A Better Me Organization (ABMO). Its purpose is to foster a successful, sustainable, and systematic mentoring system that will meet the unique needs of all ABMO participants. . 

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Connections Goes A long Way

Building a connection that lasts a lifetime, at A Better me Organization, we firmly believe in life long friendships. Where we motive our girls not only become a better version of themselves but challenge them to impact the next girl that need motivation. By continuing in the program after graduating from a mentee to the role of a mentor.


Community Engagement

A Better Me pride itself in working collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated within our geographic proximity that has focuses on special interests to address issues affecting our community and the people within it. This is where our collaboration projects play an important vehicle in bringing about environmental, social, and mental changes within our neighborhoods.

Its integrated focus on academics, health, and social services,  of community engagement, leads to improved youth learning, stronger families, and healthier communities.


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Social Etiquette

A Better Me Social Etiquette program is a wide range of etiquette tips and guidelines, including why etiquette matters and some of the common courtesies that will help these young ladies in everyday life. We also show conversation tips, etiquette for a telephone conversation, correspondence rules, table manners, and other essential basic manners everyone should know. 

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 Self Esteem & Self Respect

Our goal is to create a future where women feel empowered and self-confident in all aspects of their lives. To do that, we offer programs for our young ladies using curriculums that include learning how to accept compliments, developing coping methods to turn negative thoughts or qualities into positives, and tools to become more independent and confident in your own abilities. 


Give Back Program

Give Back provides college scholarships and mentoring to students who have faced economic hardship and adversities.


Creative Activities

These programs are designed to foster creativity in young people, and give them outlets for self-expression. From photography to hip-hop, our arts programs have something that will inspire everyone.

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